Thomas Fin, A Fantasy Series

Cover art by Mel Long.

Cover art by Mel Long.

Thomas Fin: Faceless


The King of Fidelis is dying and his two sons lay opposing claims to the throne. As a result, civil war plunges the kingdom into turmoil.  

Thomas Fin's family is caught in the middle of a battle for his home town, Strages. He is captured and interrogated, his daughter's fate is uncertain, and his wife is dead. He is rescued by a mysterious man who invites Thomas to join a select group of four people dedicated to protecting the stability of the world. They're a group known only to folklore, each member wielding a sword that controls an element: fire, nature, energy, mind.  
How does love change once it is lost?  
What horrors befell his family?  
How does Thomas protect the people from civil war?  
The journey has only begun.


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